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Wall Cabinet


A design of refined elegance, and a touch of class: totem, made of aluminium, thermoplastic and die-coasted zamak, makes additional room available



The vertical orientation of the cabinet and the unchanged volume when doors are open or closed make it suitable to be placed everywhere in a house. The shelves are easily adjustable.



Available in a choice of three sizes to suit every situation.










Bathroom Cabinets 


Aluminium Bathroom Cabinets


Here are just two examples of our range of aluminium bathroom cabinets. 


Macclesfield Bathroom Cabinets

A spacious high quality aluminium cabinet with curved double sided mirrored doors allowing easy access to the internal shaver socket. Beautifully illuminated by two halogen lights with two adjustable internal glass shelves.

A high quality aluminium bathroom cabinet with shaver socket and two internal adjustable shelves. Featuring rectangular, double sided mirrored doors and two halogen lights.


Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets

Beautifully designed white high gloss finish cabinets with easy wipe clean surfaces. Available with mirrored doors, halogen lighting (in different styles), adjustable glass shelves and a shaver socket. Here are just a few examples 

- visit Cheshire Bathrooms for more.






Metal Decor Bathroom Cabinets


Spacious mirrored cabinets illuminated by inset and overhead halogen lights and incorporating internal shaver sockets. Family sized cabinets as well as those specifically designed for small bathrooms in a Metal Decor finish are available at Cheshire Bathrooms.  



Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinets


The ever popular Metalkris wall hung stainless steel cabinets offer high quality products with plenty of style.


Theses are just a few examples of this range of cabinet.




Small Bathroom Solutions

These are examples of cabinets specifically designed for small bathrooms and cloakrooms where maximum storage space and reflection is desired allowing even the smallest of spaces to be used to maximum effect.