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Macclesfield, Cheshire  



"Everything for

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Cheshire Bathrooms have an exclusive selection of continental floor and wall tiling to choose from including glass mosaic wall tiles - all from carefully selected manufacturers.


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We also offer a range of exciting ceiling coverings to finish your bathroom.





Cheshire Bathrooms offer a large range of quality taps to choose from.


Finishing Touches 


Aquafloor Waterproof Flooring


Aquafloor is a new, high quality, PVC core plank floor to give your bathroom floor a touch of prestige. This exclusive floor covering is 100% water resistant, wear resistant (15 year warranty against wear), easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.


Available in a choice of colours and designs.

Aquafloor waterproof flooring


Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails


We recommend our stainless steel heated towel rails which give up to 25% more heat than conventional rails. Stainless steel will not corrode or flake, it is also clean and totally hygienic with no known health risks. It is produced using over 90% recycled metal, manufactured environmentally and is 100% recyclable itself.


All our models are available in central heating, electric only and dual fuel formats. They can be used on any plumbing system and all models are quality assured and guaranteed.



Bathroom Accessories


Cheshire Bathrooms offer a wide selection of quality bathroom accessories to suit every taste. Here is a small selection.