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Macclesfield, Cheshire  



"Everything for

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Solid surface worktops

Impact resistant 

Water repellent

BSI certified

Strong and enduring

Easy to clean


Macclesfield fitted bathroom furniture


Colours are consistent throughout so scratches, chips and stains can be simply buffed away making it resilient and hardwaring.



Flexible and stylish, these worktops can be used to create attractive flyovers or even integrate bowls seanlessly into the worktop for a completely clean, waterproof and luxurious finish.






Fitted Bathroom Furniture 


Mereway Bathroom Furniture


Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house where space tends to be at a premium. However, whether you bathroom is big or small, contemporary or traditional, we can help maximise those awkward spaces to create a practical yet stylish bathroom to suit you. Here are just a few ideas.

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Style and Quality


With inspirational furniture, naturally graceful worktops and sleek elegant handles, Mereway Bathrooms have brought together a collection of furniture designs and finishes that we know you'll love.


Carefully selected for their unique style and quality, and hand finished by skilled craftsmen, each range is individually designed to meet your needs and create a bathroom that is, simply beautiful.


Space Saving Solutions


  • Maximise space by using 220mm deep units

  • Raise base units off the floor for an open, airy feel

  • Use wall mounted cabinets to provide valuable storage space and keep worktops clutter free

Wide Range of Doors and Worktop Finishes


Our Mereway fitted bathroom furniture comes in a wide range of door styles including beech, maple, white, pearwood, oyster, ice blue, birch and oak. These are just some of the available designs.



Visit our showroom in Macclesfield to see a complete range of our fitted bathroom furniture, doors and worktops. We are happy to help and advise you on the best design and layout for your bathroom.